Huletts Sugars are amazing additions to savoury meals. As people who are passionate about flavours and taste, South African foodies take their cooking to the next level by adding a little sweetness where you would least expect it.

In savoury dishes, sugar has the power to balance salty, sour or bitter flavours; while the right amount of Huletts sweetness can also enhance the colour, volume, moisture and texture of your tastiest dishes. 

Delicious treats like this funky Lamb burger recipe use Huletts White Sugar to give the patty a delicious caramelised texture and taste. 

Lamb Burgers

Another example is this sizzling Brown Sugar-Rubbed Steak which features Huletts SunSweet Brown Sugar among other strong flavours like garlic, black pepper and onion. The result is an unforgettably juicy steak dinner that can be made to your perfection.

Brown Sugar Rubbed Steak

At Huletts, when we say “sweet”, we’re talking about the savoury, sweet, spicy and downright delicious flavours of SA cuisine in all their variety. Just a dash of Huletts sweetness can add some flavour, texture and complexity. 

Check out our selection of sweet and savoury recipes on the Huletts website to see what delicacies you can create by mixing flavours:

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