A proudly Botswana sugar company! Started in 1985, Blue Crystal Sukiri is the market leader when it comes to sugar.
By supporting Blue Crystal Sukiri, you support local manufacturing and employment for Batswana.

Golden Brown Sugar

Blue Crystal Golden Brown Sugar is the first dry sugar crystallised from sugar cane sap. It is light brown in colour, and most often used in hot beverages, cereals, porridges and everyday baking. It is the most popular choice for home brewing, canning and making confectionery products.


Unit Barcode

Baler Size

Baler Barcode

1kg Golden Brown Sugar

600 4539 000 245

1 x 1kg

0663 5935 060 78

2.5kg Golden Brown Sugar

600 4539 700 251

1 x 2.5kg

1600 4539 704 256

5kg Golden Brown Sugar

600 4539 000 238

1 x 5kg

2600 4539 000 232

8kg Golden Brown Sugar

066 3593 500 144

1 x 8kg


Growing A Sweet Future

Tongaat Hulett Botswana, popularly known as Blue Crystal Sukiri, remains committed to spearheading socio-economic initiatives in the communities surrounding our operations to make a lasting difference. From the Mill to the homes of our nation, we are growing a sweet future for all.

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