The term ‘South African Cuisine’ incorporates the foods of countless traditions and cultures that have called our sweet land “home”. This #HeritageDay, a holiday set aside to celebrate the beauty and diversity of South African people, we’ve prepared a special menu to keep your taste buds tingling, your appetites filled – and your appreciation for South African cuisine at an all-time high.

Breakfast, Lunch and Tea

Our perfect Heritage Day menu begins at breakfast. This delectable cornbread, made with #HulettsWhiteSugar is enough to fill the morning and sweet enough to set a mood for the day. Link to recipe.

Breakfast Cornbread

For lunch, we’d love a spicy Mutton Breyani – a flavourful, filling meal that is great to enjoy with everyone.

FUN FACT: This dish is a borrowed favourite from South African Indian Cuisine. Link to recipe.

Mutton Breyani

At tea time, you can enjoy a break with a famous South African treat; these golden Koeksisters have the added sweetness of #HulettsYellowSugar. Link to recipe.



With so many culinary cultures, a lot of South Africans are bound to have a difficult time deciding on just one dinner for their perfect Heritage Day menu.

If you’re searching for some inspiration or having a difficult time deciding what to make, we’ve got you covered. With two options, you can either pick one or make both to cater for the entire family’s tastes and dietary needs.

Choose between tasty Modern Tripe,

Modern Tripe

 or Creamy Samp. 

Creamy Samp

Finally, close it all off with a Chocolate Malva Pudding that’s so satisfying, it’s sure to put everyone to sleep before the Kitchen Cleanup begins. Link to recipe

Chocolate Malva Pudding

Heritage Day is for taking a break with the family, celebrating your own heritage and reminding each other about the beauty of our nation’s rich cultures. As a Proudly South African Sugar, at Huletts we never need a special reason to celebrate South African heritage. Have a beautiful #HeritageDay and check out our other recipes for something you might like, or anything you may want to add to your perfect Heritage Day menu.

21 thoughts on “The perfect #HeritageDay menu

  1. Petro de Witt says:

    I am proudly South African as i can use all local product for my jams and baking. I only use Hullets and my customers love my profuct. Tuisgemaakte Lekkerte

  2. Kefentse Goitsemodimo says:

    I am proudly south african because our country is beautiful with its geographical landscape and rich cultures…south africa is home to a plethora of cultures and getting to celebrate all different types of holidays and festive, it is truly amazing to be apart of a country so many diverse cultures. ????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Zandile Gama says:

    Huletts was the brand of choice for my Mom when we grew up, and it still is for my household now. I have such a great love for baking and it makes me feel closer to Mom who’s now late. She taught me how to bake when I was a teen. The Christmas, Easter, birthday events would not be the same without Huletts.
    I love that it’s accessible, as I grew up in Swaziland and Mom could always access it but even though my family is now based in Joburg it’s still accessible.
    Surely makes life sweeter!

  4. Vandhana Ramsoonder says:

    Things that make me proudly South African- being a Durbanite our beautiful coastline/beaches, the many world heritage sites, our stunning weather, our spirit of Ubuntu & our food ! We love good food – I love how we embrace each other’s cultures & traditional foods that have become South African staples – Bunny Cow, Braai, Shisa Nyama, Samp, steamed bread, milk tart, locally produced award winning wines & my favourite biltong! These are the things that make me proudly South African ????????

  5. Kalesh Lallbahadur says:

    There are so many things that make me the Proudest South African. We have amazing varieties of foods,like hot bunny chow that will have you reaching for jugs of water to walkie talkies to mopane worms and some of the best desserts with each having a remarkable story behind it. Our dance is unique, even if you have two left feet, once the beat gets you, you can’t stop moving. We have song, drums, art, the Big 5 and together we stand proud as a rainbow nation. I love our language because only us South Africans can understand things like “Eish”, “Eina” or a lekker Braaivleis???? I will always stay true to my heritage and fly our South African Flag high ???????????????????????? #GrownWithkindness Huletts SA

  6. Wasiema Cloete says:

    #Grownwithkindness what makes me proudly south African is too have a lekker warm freshly syruped traditional Cape Malay koeksister made with hullets sugar on a Sunday morning with my family. You dnt get this anywhere else in the world besides south Africa

  7. Trinette Gwynn says:

    I’m a very proud South African because we have so many different cultures, 11 official languages, we have slang words that every South African understands. I’m proud because there is no other country like ours. South Africa is unique.

  8. Siruba khuthadzo Sherflon says:

    Kindness is warmness being kind is what makes us human kindness brins the best in us and it hel0 us cconnect with each other

  9. Ipeleng lehabe says:

    The food, the humanity, the mountain and mostly tradition are what makes us unique and proudly south African

  10. Roslyn Gounden says:

    Hullets is a biggest heritage celebration because it brings families and friends together in every occasion

  11. Asma Choonara says:

    We r a rainbow nation, embracing diversity, most spectacular landscapes&wildlife, respect of all cultures and religions & the warmth of our people makes me proud to be South African #grownWithKindness #Huletts

  12. Chantel August says:

    Im a proud South African cause our African-style barbeque. Chops, boerewors, skilpadjies (tortoise), Afrikaans-style potato salad with egg and condensed milk and even a side of Kasi pap! Makes us one of a kind , We’re some of the only people in the world to cook over fire because, well, it just tastes better! And our proudly SA music has proven to unite nations all over the world and sets us apart from the rest !! I AM A PROUD SOUTH AFRICAN #GrownWithKindness Huletts SA ????????????????????????????????

  13. Nare Moahi says:

    I’ve always loved the sweetness of Huletts Sugar as it goes a long way and the small granules dissolve quickly. #GrownWithKindneaa

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