Winter is here and there’s nothing like a warm hearty meal to feed the soul. Tried and tested, our recipes will certainly keep your family warm and well-fed. Take a page or two out of our book and whip these winter warmers!

Spoil your loved ones with a rich Roasted Butternut Soup. Add some crispy croutons for a delightful crunch and watch the whole family savour in delight! 

Roasted Butternut Soup

Our Chicken Curry packs a punch with a combination of spices and the #HomeGrown sweetness of Huletts SunSweet Brown Sugar. Serve with fluffy white rice and sambals.

You can find the recipe here:

Chicken Curry

Malva Pudding is the ultimate South African winter favourite. Whether you serve it with custard for the kiddies or brandy cream for the grown-ups, it will be a hit for the whole family!

Malva Pudding

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