Introducing New Delicious Huletts Golden and Maple Syrups with a sweet new look and taste! Not forgetting Huletts Molasses, which adds a rich taste and strong flavour to your baking and cooking with its new look, too!

This Huletts range offers the best companions for dishes that call for a little sweet flavour – ideal for when you need that extra drizzle to perfect your crumpet stack or sticky wings. Enjoy these 3 yummy flavours:

Huletts Golden Syrup

Huletts Golden Syrup is an excellent topping and can be used on pancakes, flapjacks, waffles and scones, as well as a mouth-watering ingredient in desserts and sauce recipes. Add one of these sweetly satisfying syrups to your breakfast table as a lovely addition to your breakfast treats.

Huletts Maple Flavoured Syrup

Huletts Maple Flavoured Syrup has a uniquely delicious taste and smooth texture. Enjoy the maple goodness in specially formulated recipes – squeeze it over your favourite breakfast, tea or dessert treat for an even sweeter experience.

Huletts Molasses

Huletts Molasses is traditionally used in baking and cooking, but it can also be used over your daily cereal or porridge, as a spread for crackers or it can be added to smoothies. Basting chicken or turkey with Huletts Molasses will give it a rich colour and taste. Because of its dark and rich colour, stability and flavour enhancing properties, it is often found in a number of familiar foods such as mince pies, puddings, fruit cakes etc.

Whether you’re adding a little sweetness to your snacks and sweet treats, or getting creative in the kitchen with the kids; there’s a new idea and deliciousness in every squeeze of Huletts Syrups or Molasses.

Keep an eye out for our new look in stores and try our Delicious Huletts Syrups and Molasses!

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  1. Yendi kunene. says:

    Me too I love the Huletts sugar and all syrups, I love to use it to my bread and cakes very nice taste.

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