If you’ve bought a Huletts product recently, you should be proud to know that your decision has helped a South African farmer grow their business. At the heart of our #GrowingASweetFuture ambitions lies FarmCo, an exciting project that aims to bolster economic development and increase employment opportunities within South African farming communities.

FarmCo provides opportunities for economic prosperity and lifts up the residents of the communities in which Huletts operates by helping locals grow their farming footprint. Currently, businesses that are part of FarmCo will be invited to enter into supplier relationships with Tongaat Hulett, opening their business operations up to millions of consumers throughout the African continent.

Two such businesses, Uzinzo Sugar Farming and Elamaswazi Project, collectively provide over 170 thousand tons of sugarcane to Tongaat Huletts, with ambitious long-term strategic plans and annual revenues of about R79 million.

As a business born and bred in the communities of South Africa, FarmCo is just one of the ways Huletts is trying to give thanks by Growing A Sweet Future for all South Africans. Whenever you pick a Huletts product, you are supporting a 128 year old dream to make South Africa a sweeter place.

Read more about our #GrowingASweetFuture endeavours here: https://bluecrystalsukiri.co.bw/growing-a-sweet-future/