Nelson Mandela Day took on even more importance to Tongaat Hulett this year in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Government intervention has been welcomed but communities have still faced health, economic and food security crises. Huletts is proud to have been actively involved in the fight against the pandemic and this continued on Mandela Day. 

Tongaat Hulett with our recently created a COVID-19 Think Tank used Mandela Day to drive awareness in the communities around the pandemic.

The newly formed Think Tank with stakeholders in and around the Tongaat area aims to educate the community on the coronavirus, assist with sponsoring more schools with fumigation as well as dealing with the significant increase in the number of company employees that have tested positive for COVID-19. An awareness drive was an important step in this process.

The members of the Think Tank include eThekwini Municipality – Health Unit; Dube Tradeport, ACSA, SAPS, Tongaat clinic and the Councillors for Wards 58, 61 & 62 in KwaZulu-Natal.

Tongaat Hulett and Partners Drive Awareness Campaign on COVID-19

On the weekend of the 18th of July, we launched a targeted campaign to drive awareness amongst key communities on COVID-19, including the importance of practicing good hygiene to reduce the risk of contracting the virus.

The campaign focused on five key messages:

  1. Act as if you have the Coronavirus – keep your distance – wash and sanitise your hands – and wear your mask
  2. Limit your movement – stay at home
  3. The Coronavirus is spread through reckless human conduct and behaviour 
  4. Wearing a mask is mandatory – the mask protects the people around you
  5. Practice social distancing and washing of hands regularly 

We believe coming together, sharing knowledge and lending a hand will greatly aid our communities through these tough times. A little Huletts sweetness goes a long way.